FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are you planning to make more sx-games ?
A - If I get time to do so I will probably make some more, but my time is very limited and if I get time to do electronics projets it will probably be something very different to what I've done before, because I like to move on to new ideas. I have some ideas I would like to try on this system so it might be one or two more games later on.

Q - Can you send me the PAL/NTSC specification?
A - No, I don't have it. I've gathered small pieces of information about video signals from several places to do my projects (thus the timings in my projects are not all 100% correct)

Q - What are the exact timings of the vsync pulses pal/ntsc ? (The timing diagram doesn't contain that info).
A - It doesn't say it because I don't know the exact timings, but it doesn't seem to be that important to get the vsync exactly correct, seems to work with less accurate sync pulses, specially when generating b&w signals. Basically the timings I use are 2.4us sync (0v) and 29.6us black (0.3v) for the equalization pulses and 27.5us sync and 4.5us black level for the vertical synchronizm.

Q - Can I connect a VGA-monitor to an SX chip ?
A - Yes, it is possible. I've never done it myself but there is something on the subject done by Eric Schlaepfer with a PIC that can be found here. And also by Rob Greener (?) that can be found here, also with a PIC

Q - Are there any cheaper programmers than the SX-key ?
A - There are a couple homemade programmers, I have never used any other programmer than the SX-key though. Have a look at programmer section at sx-list for other SX-programmers than the SX-key.

Q - Do you have more cool projects that you can give me ?
A - If I had more stuff available to give away I would already have published them on my projects page, duh!

Q - I have a programming/hardware problem with some stuff i'm doing, can you help me with it if I give you some money ?
A - Yes, I have a consulting company that might be able to help you with your problem for a fee of 99 Euro per hour plus expences. Note that making a project like my video games takes over 200h and just getting started to do something simple will take a couple of hours.