1. Preface

This project was made at the Concept Department of Ericsson Mobile Communication in Lund. The thesis work was done during 5 months (June-November 2000), which of course was a little bit longer than we planned. During the project we had to change our time planning several times as we encountered some problems that forced us to change our solution dramatically. Of course this meant a lot of work, but we learned a lot from it. During this project we enhanced our engineering knowledge as we developed an entire concept prototype from scratch, which meant that we had to solve many problems, ranging from hardware development to writing software applications. The people at Ericsson were very helpful and we would like thank everyone that helped us to make this project a success.

First we would like to thank our supervisors at Ericsson, Magnus Hollström and Anders Borgström, for giving us the opportunity to do such an interesting project and giving us the trust to manage the project by ourselves.

We also would like to thank our supervisor at the University of Lund, Jan Eric Larsson, for helping us with the report and presentation.

We also would like to thank the following people (in alphabetic order) for helping us with the project:

Anders Gunée

Henrik Gunée

Siv Gunée

Torbjörn Gärdenfors

Hamid Iranpour

Hossein Iranpour

Christian Johansson

Mats Kleverman

Mats Olsson

Patrik Olsson

Michael Pawlus

Göran Rundqvist

Johan Schmidt

Magnus Thulesius

Magnus Tillgren

Katayoun Touba

Andreas Wilson