Playmobile - My Master Thesis Project (November 2000)

Wireless gaming over GSM and Bluetooth

In year 2000 I made my master thesis project together with Ali Iranpour.
The aim of the project was to investigate mobile gaming over GSM- and Bluetooth- networks, by developing a concept prototype, connecting a Gameboy to a mobile phone over Bluetooth. The results show that it is possible to connect two Gameboy Color over a GSM network by connecting to the phone using the Bluetooth plugin we developed for the Gameboy. However, the performance of the serial port of the Gameboy is not sufficient enough to make a real product. If a real product should be made out of this concept, it should be implemented on Nintendo's new Gameboy Advance. Finally a suggestion to a future product based on our results is presented.



  • Jeff Frohwein's GB page has a lot of info about how to develop hardware and software for gameboy.
  • is the page to look for more info about bluetooth.
  • Rickard's homepage, if you want to know more about Rickard
  • Ali's homepage if you want to know more about Ali

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