Mechanically Scanned stuff

  • Bob blick's propeller clock

  • Daryl Bender's propeller clock

  • Video Signals
    If you want to know more about video signals and about generating video signals in software, check out some of these links:

  • Howto on generating video signals in COLOR using SX. (Written by me) is one of the few things written on realtime color generation.
  • Howto on generating video signals using PIC. (Written by me)

  • Conventional Analog Television - An Introduction by Professor Kelin J. Kuhn.

  • Video Superimposer by David.B Thomas shows how to overlay graphics to an existing video signal using a PIC.

  • Documentation of Marcelo Maggi's pattern generator circuit

  • Breakout by Joel Jordan is a breakoutgame inspired by my games using the same technique to generate a video signal in software.

  • David B. Thomas' Pong game also using a PIC, but he used a PIC16C711

  • Eric Smith and Richard Ottosen's Video display uses an SX-chip to create a B&W serial video display output terminal
  • Eric Smith's PIC-Tock generating a video singal showing a clock using a PIC16C61

  • PIC16F84 EMULATOR is an Open Source emulator by Jesus Arias. It comes with a TV-plugin that emulates my game hardware, and it also has a "logic analyzer" which can whow the timing on how the different pins change wich is a really nice feature when writing time critical software =)

  • GPSIM is another PIC emulator with Open Source code, for which there soon will be a TV-module emulating my games =)

  • Misim is a platform independent emulator running in Java by Andrew Toone has created . It allows one to write plugins to to emulate different hardware, one of the example plugins is a TV emulating my game system.

  • Serasidis Vasilis' AVR-based colorbar generator can produce 4 colors in software based on the same method as my SX color projects.
  • Cedric Beaudoin's game console project with memory mapped graphics using an ATMEGA64 with CPLD-based hardware for phase modulation to generate color.

  • Cornell University Electrical Engineering 476 Video Generation with AVR microcontrollers is an interesting project with memory mapped graphics based on AVR microcontrollers.
  • PIC12F675 based simple oscilloscope generating a video signal in software, by Ronald Dekker.

  • PAL video library generating memory mapped video with a PIC18, by Bruno Gavand.

  • Mixed links and projects pages

  • has a lot of links to a lot of electronic projects and other similar interesting stuff.

  • Electronics Lab has a lot of electroics projects, info, links and a forum.