Info about me !

My name is Rickard Gunée, I live in Rönninge in Stockholm in the middle part of Sweden (In northern Europe). together with my family (My wife Åsa and our three children: Hilda, Viggo and Mira). I've been working as an engineer with electronics and software since 2001, currently with med-tech products at a consulting company called HotSwap.

I've also started my own company, just as a hobby, whichs major purpose is to sell my electronics projects but also to maybe do some smaller consultant jobs that can fit into my spare time.

Since I was about nine years old, my biggest hobbies have been electronics and programming. I’ve shared some of my electronics projects on my electronics projects page, giving me a lot of feedback from people all around the world who have built them. I also like dancing Lindy hop, which is very fun and gives a lot of exercise.

Carpentry is another hobby of mine, for example I've built speakers for my receiver, the ones on the picture at the right here. They are built with pure beech wood. Working with wood is fun, but as everything else it takes way too much time.

I like most kinds of music, but for a couple of years I’ve listened to a lot of jazz and blues because of the Swing Dancing.

So basically here is my life so far:
1977 - I was born in Stockholm and lived in a suburb to stockholm called Vällingby.
1984 - Moved to Lund as my father became part of Ericsson's newly started mobile phone department in Lund (which was about 20 people at the time)
1996 - Started to study at LTH
2000 - Master thesis at Ericsson
2001 - Got my masters degree and started work at Anoto with concept studies.
2003 - I started at Teleca Sweden South where I worked with software for mobile phones.
2005 - My girlfriend started to study in Linköping so we moved there together and I changed Teleca office to Teleca Sweden West as a software consultant, mainly for Saab Aerospace working as a Team Leader / Software Architect in a military helicopter project.
2006 - My daughter Hilda was born
2008 - We all moved to Rönninge, I started at HotSwap working as a SW/HW engineer with medtech products.
2009 - My son Viggo was born.
2012 - My daughter Mira was born

If you want to know something more about me then send me an email and ask about it =)